The USVI Hurricane Recovery and Resiliency Task Force

Who we are

Task Force members and working organization

Governor Kenneth Mapp

Clifford Graham, Chairman

Dina Simon, CEO

Task Force Advisory Committee

Anthony Hurley, Managing Director, Utility Practice, Witt O'Brien's
Basil Ottley, Director of Policy, Office of Insular Affairs Department of Interior
Beverly Nicholson-Doty, Commissioner, Department of Tourism
Darryl Griffith, Executive Director and CFO, Housing Authority
Dr. Michelle Davis, Commissioner VI Department of Health
Elizabeth Armstrong, General Manager, Buccaneer Hotel
Eugene Farrell, Chief of Staff to the Governor
Gary Engle, CEO and Chairman Stoneleigh Capital
Gerry Purvis, FEMA Branch Director
Hans Lewaetz, President, Annaly Farms Inc. 
Harriet Tregoning, Forming Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and Development USHUD
Jarrod Bernstein, Disaster Response Recovery and Resilience Lead, Bloomberg L.P.
John McInnis III, Director, Kenny Chesney Foundation
Judith Enck, Visiting Scholar at PACE/Former EPA Region 2 Administrator
Marjorie Roberts, Marjorie Rawis Roberts, P.C.
Senator Novelle Francis Jr., Legislature of the Virgin Islands
Tom Secunda, Co-Founder Bloomberg L.P.
Valdamier Collens, Commissioner of Finance
Vivek Daswani, President and Owner of Royal Caribbean


Additional contributors

Adam Freed, Bloomberg L.P.
Angelo Riddick, CIO and Director of the Bureau of Information Technology
Beth Defalco, Bloomberg L.P.
David Schmid, Bloomberg L.P.
Dick Price, Witt O'Brien's
Faith George, VI Department of Education
FEMA Long-Term Recovery Groups
Greg Guannel
, Ph.D., Director, Caribbean Green Technology Director at the University of the Virgin Islands
Gwendolyn Kelly, VI Waste Management Authority
Haldane Davies, Ph.D., University of the Virgin Islands
Jake Elder, Bloomberg L.P.
Jamal Nielsen, Department of Planning and Natural Resources
Joseph Croney, Beamreach
Kate Kearns, Bloomberg L.P.
Mark Day, Consultant
Margarita Benjamin, VI Economic Development Authority
Meaghan Enright, Love for Love City
Nicole Bollentini, Governor's Office
Nikita Ward, Department of Human Services
Piotr Gajewski, Department of Public Works
Rashida Rosario-Daniel, Department of Human Services
Ron Turner, Tramway Properties, Inc.
Shauna Bass, VI Department of Health
Stacey Clarke, VI Housing Finance Authority
Todd Patton, VI Territorial Emergency Management Agency

usvi task force Staff

Alanna Olken, Deputy CEO and Chief of Staff
Anida Kulla, Chief of Product and Strategy
Brianna Grantham, Ph.D., Writer
Kimara André, Stakeholder Coordinator
Kurt Marsh, Jr., St. John Community Liaison
Levan Nadibaidze, Head of Product and Strategy
Luc Severe, Stakeholder Engagement Lead
Natalie Suna, Director of Communications
Pamela Montegut, St. Thomas Community Liaison
Troy Williams, St. Croix Community Liaison


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